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Drone Photos and Videos from Uganda

We had a special permission to fly a drone in Uganda, so we made some amazing videos and photos. Uganda looks so beautiful from the sky. Come and see for yourself!!

Highlights: The complete Murchison Falls waterfall, Elephants playing in the water, the Crater lakes of Queen Elizabeth and the beautiful Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Mutanda.

More drone photos and videos are visible on www.theworldfromthesky.com

Note: It is not allowed to bring a drone to Uganda without special permission


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Kazinga Tours Crater Lakes Uganda

Uganda has some very beautiful Crater Lakes. They can be found in Kibale Forest area and in and around Queen Elizabeth National Park. To see them from the ground is nice, but the real beauty can only be seen from the sky! Come and see for yourself!

Kazinga Tours Murchison Falls National Park by drone

We explored the amazing Murchison Falls National Park with our drone! We saw the beautiful landscapes and a lot of animals from the sky. Most special were the elephants playing in the water, the hippo with fish around him and the silhouettes of giraffes and elephants. Please enjoy flying with us.

Kazinga Tours Kibale Forest and Tea Plantations

Kibale Forest National Park is one of the highlights of Uganda. This beautiful forest is home to the Chimpanzees and 12 monkey species. The forest creates its own mist. With our drone we have been able to fly above the mist, which gave a spectacular view of the forest with the Rwenzori Mountains behind it. Apart from the National Park, Kibale Forest is surrounded by tea plantations, which gives beautiful views from above. Come and see this beautiful videos for yourself!

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This video is made by www.theworldfromthesky.com

Kazinga Tours - Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Mutanda from the Sky

Two of the most beautiful lakes of Africa are in Uganda: Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Mutanda! Lake Bunyonyi looks spectacular from the sky, with its round shapes and many small islands. The highlights of Lake Mutanda re the 5 volcanoes which can be seen. Come and see this beautiful videos for yourself. Travel to Uganda with Kazinga Tours.